Hi, guys!
So, we wanna present to you our creation! It's slightly unworked, because we made a newcomer's mistake and encroached on a too big project.
However, we tried very hard and we got something interesting!
The story begins with the spaceship crashing. The planet, which have two cycles-a blue and a yellow day, greeted our hero with the death of the crew.
The reason that character survived is pretty simple - he is a small robot, being nothing more than a service staff.
However, he has intelligence... Or even more.
The only chance to return home is to force the work of almost stopped FTL drive for a jump. This requires energy, which, however, is not enough.
Yes, it have a bit of energy left in the undamaged part of the ship.
But it's enough only for the robot itself. And... A couple of buildings!
So far, not everything is lost, we must invest energy to extract even more energy!
But who knows... Maybe someday we'll have to use energy to create weapons and protect us from creatures of the dark.
(We didn't have enough time to make this during ludum dare, but if you like, we will do it!)

You need to provide energy to your FTL-drive. It has 7 steps (current step and time in this step are displayed in the top right corner), each with different energy consumption. If it'll not have enough energy, it shuts down and you will never be able to escape the planet. Build different energy producers, batteries and relays to provide as many energy as possible and try to have some fun!

WASD to move, select building and click anywhere to build, right click to deconstruct buildings, hold middle mouse button to rotate camera.


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